Retirees/Rehires Options


To: Recently Retired and/or Rehired County Agents and GACAA Members

Re: Membership Options

Congratulations on retiring from UGA Cooperative Extension! There have been questions/concerns that have risen with recent retirements and rehire situations. Hopefully, this explanation will clear things up on options for retirees or retire/rehires regarding membership in GACAA. There are a couple of options depending on your situation as follows:

Situation #1 – Retire with no rehire

Situation #2 – Retire with rehire

  • Agents that plan to rehire for the year following retirement have the option of continuing Active Status in GACAA by renewing their annual membership – they would be eligible to apply for awards, presentations, poster sessions, etc., as active members.
  • Agents that plan to rehire can become GACAA (GOTCAA) and/or NACAA life members by completing the
    GACAA Life Membership (GOTCAA) online registration.
  • Or no membership

Thank you for your service as Extension Professionals. I would encourage you to continue in an active status or as a life member and share your experience and knowledge with our current and upcoming County Extension Agents and Extension Specialists.


GACAA Membership Chair